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Sustainable Kenya

As with most African countries that receive tourists, Kenya is heavily focused on sustainability; it’s at the core of the country’s survival. The goal for the Kenyan tourism industry is to be low impact-, community- and conservation-orientated, and to have a positive influence on the people who visit as well as the country’s resources. Kenya supports conservation, sustainability, and community development through a number of projects that strive to conserve wildlife, sustain resources, employ local communities.

In addition, there are considerable efforts being made to reduce human-wildlife conflict in areas outside Kenya’s national parks, reserves, sanctuaries, and conservancies. These efforts range from allocating off protected areas within parks and conservancies to encouraging community tourism enterprises and providing compensation to farmers whose livestock are killed by Kenya’s free-roaming wildlife. These interventions are initiated by different stakeholders, including private investors, local NGOs, and conservation organizations. There are also well-publicized events held to raise money and awareness for such initiatives, including the Lewa Safari Marathon (see Travel agents can help by booking their clients at lodges that support these initiatives and are working towards making a difference. Generally, lodges that support sustainability tend to be smaller (and more expensive), so it’s a win-win since the higher the price of the trip, the greater your commission.

Read on to learn more about what Kenya is doing to promote sustainability in its national parks with the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS), through sanctuaries and voluntourism. Every effort counts.

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