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Kenya Authorized Travel Specialist (KATS) Program

The virtues of Kenya are so numerous that it’s an easy sell as a holiday destination. What’s more, given that it’s a long-haul destination chock-full of exciting activities and beautiful places to see, it makes good sense for travel agents to do so.

The Kenyan landscape and culture is so captivating, you’ll find that visitors return again and again, and tell their friends! On average, they spend eight to 10 nights in the country. It’s a long flight from the U.S. and Kenya and its riches are so vast that even this many days may not seem long enough, but it usually satisfies most safari-goers.

Since a large percentage of visitors to Kenya purchase their travel through travel agents and prefer to deal with agents that specialize in Kenya, completing your Kenya Authorized Travel Specialist (KATS) Program will not only qualify you as a Kenya Authorized Travel Specialist with the Kenya Tourism Board, it will undoubtedly boost your Kenya sales.

The Kenya Authorized Travel Specialist (KATS) Program is divided into three chapters: 

  • Introduction to Kenya: Regions; history; and best time to visit 
  • Tourism Infrastructure: Getting there and around; and the best accommodations to suit your clients’ needs 
  • Selling Kenya: Reasons to visit; top experiences; and your Kenya customer

Completing the Kenya Authorized Travel Specialist (KATS) Program will make you an undisputed specialist on this African nation. And once you complete the Kenya Authorized Travel Specialist (KATS) Program, you’ll have the opportunity to dig further into Kenya’s offerings via three elective modules: 

  • Safaris in Kenya: Various safari circuits throughout the country; and safaris beyond wheels, including via horseback and ballooning 
  • Beyond the Wilderness: Kenya offers more than just the wilderness, including various coastal activities such as surfing and scuba diving, as well as culinary offerings 
  • Sustainable Kenya: Shining a light on the country’s national park management, its volunteerism and sanctuaries, as well as its conservation efforts
  • Adventure Experiences: Kenya offers all sorts of activities throughout the country, from mountain climbing and cycling to snorkeling and boating.

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